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How to increase immunity

                   How to increase immunity 

How to increase immunity so Continue your immune system one drop at a time. Consume bitter to boost the implantation system. This healthy tweak is prepared with Astragals Route, Ginger, Angelica Root, and honey - all the components prove to support the immune system function. Chinese medicine has a major herb, astragals, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Studies on struggles reveal that root can promote resistance to infection and control the body's copy responses. Here the type is shown to modify the Angelica Route immune system and treat respiratory diseases and cold symptoms. Finally, ginger and honey contain powerful antioxidants, there are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Honey activates the infection's immune system response and prevents cell proliferation. Here type, ginger also has an anti-inflammatory effect and may be able to help in pain in the muscles.


                                  Immune system supplements

         Herbs, Spices, and Sweeteners Activate Immune System


1 tsp. Honey
 1 oz. Dried Oz Root
1 oz. Dry angelica root
1/2 ounce dry chamomile
1 tsp. Dried ginger
1 tsp. Dry orange peel
1 cinnamon stick
1 tsp. Cardamom seeds 10
oz alcohol (Recommended: 100 proof vodka)


Immerse 2 teaspoons of boiling water, honey. let cool. Add honey to the top and mix the next 7 ingredients in a mason jar. Seal tightly and store the bitter in a cool, dark place. Rotate the batter until it reaches the desired strength, approximately 2-4 weeks. Shake the jar regularly (almost once per day) When ready, press the bitter through a brain cheesecloth or coffee filter. Store stressed bitter in an airtight container at room temperature. To use: Add this tonic to hot tea or take some droplets because of the first thing when you wake up for safety in cold and flu season.
  Are there any concerns or health reasons that no one should take these beaters? 
           Bitter should generally be avoided by pregnant or lactating people. 
Especially this recipe contains dried Angelica Root that can stimulate uterine contractions and increase the risk of miscarriage. When the root of the angel is consumed, then the skin can be more sensitive to sunlight, therefore daily sunscreens are recommended.

10 foods that promote the immune system & Best immune booster

Citrus, Garlic, Ginger, Spinach, curd, papaya, Kiwi, poultry, Sunflower seeds, Shellfish.

  1.Citrus Fruit

Most people go to vitamin c after the cold catch. That's because it helps in building your immune system. It is believed that Vitamin C is thought to increase the production of white blood cells. These are important for fighting infection.

 Popular citrus fruits include:

• Oranges
• Tangerine
• Lemon
• Lemon
• Clementine

Since your body does not produce or store it, therefore you need daily vitamin c for continuous health. Almost all citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C, so to choose from such variety, it is easy to squeeze this vitamin into any diet.

citrus fruits

                                           citrus fruits 

2. Garlic

Garlic is found in almost every dish of the world. It adds a little zing to the food and it is essential for your health. Early civilizations recognize their value in fighting the infection. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, garlic can help in reducing blood pressure and may slow down in the hardening of the artery. Garlic's immune-boosting properties come from heavy concentrations of sulfur-containing compounds, such as allicin.


3. Ginger
After ginger, another ingredient is sick many turns. Ginger can help in reducing inflammation, which can help in reducing sore throat and other swelling diseases. Ginger can also help reduce nausea. Though used in many sweet desserts, Ginger packs some heat in the form of ginger juice of ginger capsakekin. According to recent animal research, ginger can help in reducing chronic pain and may have cholesterol-lowering properties.

4. Spinach

The spinach has not only made our list because it is rich in Vitamin C. It is also packed with many antioxidants and beta-carotene, which can increase the anti-infection capability of our immune system. Like broccoli, the spinach is cooked as much as possible when it retains its nutrients. However, light cooking enhances its vitamin A and allows other nutrients to be free of oxygenic acid.


5. Curd

Find out the "live and active cultures" printed on labels like Greek yogurt. These cultures can stimulate your immune system to help fight diseases. Try to get simple gestures rather than loaded with preceding and sugar. Instead, you can sweeten yogurt with healthy fruits. Yogurt can also be a great source of vitamin D, so try to choose strong brands with vitamin D. Vitamin D helps in controlling the immune system and is thought to promote the natural protection of our body against diseases.

6. Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are full of nutrients, including phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin B6. They are also incredibly high in Vitamin E, in which only one quarter cup service has 82 percent daily recommended amount. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. It is important to regulate and maintain the immune system function. Other foods containing high amounts of vitamin E include avocado and black leafy deer.
Sunflower seeds
                                                                                       Sunflower seeds

7. Papaya

Papaya is another fruit that is full of vitamin C. You can get 224 percent of vitamin C in the recommended daily amount in a papaya. Papaya also contains a digestive enzyme called Papene which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Patios contain good amounts of potassium, B vitamins, and folate, all of which are beneficial for your overall.

8. Kiwi

Like papaya, Kiwi is naturally filled with essential nutrients, including folate, potassium, vitamin, and vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes white blood cells to fight infection, while other nutrients of Kiwi keep your body functioning properly.

9. Poultry

When you are sick, chicken soup is more than just a good meal with a placebo effect. It helps to improve the symptoms of cold and also helps you to avoid getting sick in the first place. Poultry, such as poultry and turkey, is high in vitamin B6. About 3 ounces of light turkey or chicken meat contain 40 to 50 percent of the daily recommended amount of B6. Vitamin B6 is an important player in many chemical reactions occurring in the body. It is also important for the formation of new and healthy red blood cells. The stock or broth made by boiling chicken bones contains gelatin, chondroitin and other nutrients which are helpful in intestinal treatment and immunity.

10. Shellfish

• Shellfish is not in the brain for those who are trying to promote their immune system but some types of shellfish are packed with zinc.

• Zinc does not receive much attention as many other vitamins and minerals, but our body needs it so that our immune cells can work intently.
• Zinc contains high shellfish varieties.

Keep in mind that you do not want more than daily recommended amounts in your diet. For adult males, for its 11 mg (mg), and for women, it is 8 mg. Too much zinc can actually stop the immune system function.

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Food for liver health

                                Food for liver health

The liver is one of the most important glands of the human body. It is compulsory to have a living liver to live a healthy life. Liver perf The liver many important activities in your body and controls those which help the body function smoothly. It plays an integral role in digesting food or applying it, in addition, it also increases our immune system and in the accumulation of nutrients. She is helpful. It produces lots of chemical substances that are essential for the functioning of other organs. It also determines the formation of blood and decays the toxic substances from the blood and makes it healthier. Today we discuss  Food for liver health, and How to Keep Your Liver Healthy and keep the liver healthy What should we eat and what should not be mine? Because of things, our liver can flow, as discussed.

                           liver cleansing foods

1. Oatmeal

2. Salt

3. Broccoli

4. Coffee

5. Easy on sugar

6. Green tea

7. Water

8. Almond

9. Spinach

10. The fruit

11. Blue barries

12 Stay away from fatty foods

Food for liver health
Healthy food

                How to Keep Your Liver Healthy 

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal research shows that this can help you restore some extra pounds and stomach fat, which is a good way to keep liver disease away.

2. Water

One of the best things for your liver to keep a healthy weight is to keep. Go to the habit of drinking water instead of sweet drinks like soda or sports drinks. You will be surprised how much calories it will save every day.

3. Coffee

Studies show that drinking two to three cups of coffee in one day can save your liver from damage due to excessive alcohol or an unhealthy diet. Some research shows that it can reduce your liver cancer risk.

4. Easy on sugar

A lot of sweet things can take a toll on your liver. This is because the part of its job is to convert sugar to fat. If you do it more then your liver makes too much fat, which hangs at the place where it is not related. For a long time, you can get conditions like fatty liver disease. So make your liver one side and treat the dessert occasionally.

5. Broccoli

If you want to keep your liver healthy then add lots of vegetables to your diet. Broccoli can be part of this strategy. Some studies show that this crispy diet can help you avoid non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. If boiled broccoli looks a little blow, then throw it in a slave and toss it with chopped almonds, dried cranberry, and a tangy vinaigrette. It is also a specialty of roasted flavored and balsamic vinegar with garlic.

6. Salt

Your body needs some salt - not as much as possible. Initial research shows that high dietary sodium can cause fibrosis, which is the first stage of liver scarring. To cut back you can do some simple things. Avoid processed foods such as bacon or daily meats. Choose fresh instead of canned veggies. 

It is brimming with the type of antioxidant called Ketchin. Research shows that it can save some forms of cancer including liver. If you drink tea yourself and drink it hot then you will get more kitchen. There are very few levels of iced tea and ready-to-drink green tea.

8. Almond

Almond Nuts - especially these - are good sources of vitamin E, a nutrient that gives research suggestions can help protect against fatty liver disease. Almonds are also good for your heart, so the next time you feel the snacking, take a handful. Or try them in salads, where they add a good reduction.

9. The fruit

This means fruits and vegetables from all the colors of the rainbow, which helps you to ensure that you get all the nutrients and fibers you need. Avoid refined carbs like donuts and white bread in favor of whole grain rice, bread, and grains. A bit of meat, dairy and fat can also help. But not too much, and look for "good" (monounsaturated, polyunsaturated) fat from seeds, nuts, fish, and vegetable oils

10. Blue barries

They get nutrients called polyphenols, which can help you to protect against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which often goes hand in hand with obesity and high cholesterol. If blueberries are not your thing, other foods rich in polyphenol include dark chocolate, olives, and plums.

Food for liver health
The Rainbow vegetables & fruit

               How to Keep Your Liver Healthy 

Be moderate with alcohol

Drinking too much can ruin your liver. Over time, it can cause cirrhosis. Even sometimes drinking boing - for four men and five men sitting for women - can also be harmful. If you are a man then try to limit yourself to a drink in one day or two days in a day.

Be moderate with alcohol
sexy lady drinking wine

2. Herbs and spices

Want to protect your liver and your heart at the same time? Sprinkle on some ores, sage, or rosemary. They are a good source of healthy polyphenols. An additional benefit: They help you cut back on salt in many recipes. Cinnamon, curry powder and cumin seeds are also good for trying.

3. Limit Packaged Snack Foods

Next time you feel the vending machine's call, then access a healthy snack instead. The problem with chips and baked goods is that they are usually full of sugar, salt, and fat. The cut back is a relatively easy diet tweak with a small plan. A good strategy: Bring healthy snacks to work with you. Try an apple with a one-serving packet of walnut butter, or a mini cup hamster with a sugar snack pea.

4.wash your hands

This is an easy, easy way to keep microbes away, which can infect your liver. Just a little soap and hot water will do. After changing diapers or going to the bathroom, it is especially important before preparing food and getting it right. When you touch food or water with contaminated hands, you can spread Hepatitis A specifically.

5. exercise regularly

It can help keep your BMI at the right level, which can protect against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. But if your BMI does not change, then there is a possibility of help in practice. Why? Because this shows how your insulin works and triglycerides burns, a type of fat in your blood.

6. Avoid Toxic Substances

These products can be chemicals in the cleaning of spray cans, pesticides, and other household items. If you touch, absorb or breathe most of them, they can hurt the cells in your liver. If you wear masks and glasses and open windows then you can keep yourself safe.

7. Watch out for needle risk

If you or someone you know has ever given injections to illegal drugs, then you should test for hepatitis C, which can spread through blood. If you have a casual needle stick then that is the same truth. If you have Hepatitis C virus then a blood test can tell you.

8. Check liver damage

If you drink heavily or keep a family history of liver disease, then it is particularly important for your doctor. Initial treatment helps, and you may not have the first symptoms. You should also test if you are more likely to have hepatitis C. This includes anyone.

9. Get vaccination

You can get it for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, but not for Hepatitis C. Many children have been vaccinated, but many adults have not. Talk to your doctor whether you need it or not. This can be particularly important if your immune system is weak or your liver already shows some disadvantages.

10. exercise regularly

It can help keep your BMI at the right level, which can protect against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. But if your BMI does not change, then there is a possibility of help in practice. Why? Because this shows how your insulin works and triglycerides burns, a type of fat in your blood.

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Health benefits of SEX

Well, there is no definite kindness to love and romance. But in the relationship Health benefits of sex, there is a different definition of romance for them. So first of all, it is very important to understand what your partner needs. To keep romance young, it is most important to take time out for each other. Talk to each other for this, compliment each other or give a gift. All these things can be won by the partner's heart. It is very important to take care of this little thing that you meet your partner that you have forgotten about them even today. Horrors do not mean that you are only in sex, sex means hugging the partner, elephant Take the hand in and tell them with your word how important it is, we must keep in mind that something like this in the week is going to make them special.

                                    Health benefits of SEX

We all know that sex is not only enjoyable and strong in relationships but it is also beneficial for our health. But it may be surprising for you to know how it is beneficial. For those who do not understand that it can be of great benefit to the quality of life and relationships, Health benefits of SEX  the action of sexual intercourse for them is still a topic of discomfort and disgust for many people. The following are some of the good ways to make good sex connections.

Health benefits of SEX

Health benefits for SEX

• Sex is also beneficial for our health in many ways.

• Sex is strengthened by the immune system (immune system).

• Raises the level of oxytocin hormone by doing safe sex.

• Normal cold and other infections protect you.

                                               Having good health with SEX

Sex helps reduce brain and body tension in low blood pressure. By having regular sex, your body is ready to face stressful conditions better and your blood pressure does not grow. In order to cope with stress, penetration of sex action (penetration of the penis in the vagina) is not necessary. Second sex activities such as embrace and intense warmth can also be helpful. Instead of other forms of sex, penetration sex is more relaxed and stress-free. The close touch of the human body is very comfortable, which makes sense of security. This helps you to face situations better in everyday life.

Sex as an exercise

Sex is like a great exercise for you because all the muscles of your body are pulled and open during sex. Sex also helps in burning your excess calories and it is the most enjoyable way of exercising. Once done with full capacity, so much calorie burns as much as calories will be spent on Walking Brisk on Trade Mill for fifteen minutes.

Sex Benefits for Heart Health

Sex improves circulation and improves cholesterol levels. During sex action, the heart beats at a high speed and pumps too much blood to blood transfusion. Sex once a week reduces your risk of getting a heart attack, Be aware of sex education.

Feel sax feelgood

Sex enhances normal fitness and increases your confidence level. Futile sex does not work as love-filled sex Studies have shown that married couples or other loyal couples spend a better life satisfying. With mutual loyalty and intimacy, you feel emotional security and get inner happiness. During these moments of love, the feeling of being loved and important for your partner increases your self-esteem.

Sex-A Relationship Strengthening Experience

The proximity of the partner who loves you and the pleasure of moving towards the extreme, together, increase the level of oxytocin "Harmonic of Love", which strengthens the bonds and relationships. Good sex comes in long-term relationships.

Sex which strengthens the resistance

Sex can protect you from infections and diseases by strengthening your immune system. Having sex once or twice a week gives you protection from common cold and other infections.

Sex Painter (Painkiller)

Sex oxytocin increases the level of hormone, which results in endorphins or "happy hormone" release. Endorphins are helpful in relieving pain, which also provides relief in a headache, joint pain, and even maternal symptoms.

Sex is essential for sex

Sex and exercise are complementary to each other, where good, vigorous sex action can be understood as a good exercise for the whole body, whereas the opposite is also true. It is true that being physically fit, your sex life gets a new passion. A healthy and fit body can only enjoy a better sex life.

                                                       Physical Benefits of Sex

Various studies have repeatedly proved that such couples having good sexual relationships have not only lived for more than twelve years but have also seen a decade younger than their actual age. Sex is for women’s health advantage The hormone and chemical release in your body due to exercise, it acts as an aphrodisiac. Hormone "Endorphinisse" is a "feel-good" exercise that releases in your brain after exercise, improves your mood and improves your perception about yourself. These neurochemical changes fill you with delicious perceptions of pleasure and attract your mood towards sex, allowing you to perform better in sex action. By exercising, your stamina and enlargement increases, which is equally needed during sex. Exercise also increases the level of persistence that prolongs your sexual experience, because you increase your ability to stay longer. And you can finish many steps of sex action! 

Health benefits of SEX

Live a life of sex life

A physically fit and healthy body stimulates the person not only because of his appeal but also helps in behaving as well during sex. Having more weight can interfere with your activities and it may be inconvenient to enjoy various sex currencies. You can make your body flexible through yoga and exercise so that you can get help in trying different currencies in bed during sex with your partner. Men with broad waist or outward face can often be victims of disorder and can also affect the size of the penis because the male genital shaft is covered with extra fat. Studies have also shown that women who exercise regularly take full enjoyment of sex activities and quickly reach perennially. The muscles in extreme muscles become extremely compressed and your main muscles of the exercise are strongly strengthened, due to which the feeling of the peak is denser having good health

You do not need body shiny buttocks, sculpted muscles etc. to live a lot of sex life. The healthy and fit body that is strong, flexible and full of energy and energy can make you more enjoyable for sex. Feeling good about your body is reflected in your sex life. To enjoy new activities on the bed with your partner, take your exercise rules from today!


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Health benefits of blackberries

                      Health benefits of blackberries

Blackberries is an evergreen tree (which runs in every season). The fruits of blackberries are purple colors, which look something black. This tree is found more in India and Indonesia and Asia. Its fruit is very tasty and potent It is of acidic nature, which is why it is eaten with salt. 

                                    What is the botanical name of Blackberry

The botanical name of Jamun is 'Syzygium cumini'. Jamun is also called jambolin, java palm, black palm. Jamun (scientific name: Syzygium cumini) is an evergreen tree with its purple color (about one to two cm diameter). This tree is found in other countries of India and South Asia and Indonesia etc.

Health benefits of blackberries

                                        Blackberry nutrition facts

Blackberries fruit is worth 70 percent. There are two main sources of glucose and fructose. The number of minerals in the fruit is high. It provides fewer calories than other fruits. A medium sized berry gives 3-4 calories. The seeds of this fruit have a high intake of carbohydrate, protein, and calcium. This is a big source of iron. There is one to two mg iron in every 100 grams. It contains vitamin B, carotene, magnesium, and fiber. 

                                              Blackberries nutrition

  •  two main sources of glucose and fructose.
  •  The number of minerals in the fruit is high
  •  It provides fewer calories than other fruits
  •  High in fiber
  •  May boost brain health

                                  Benefits of eating berries

Benefits of eating berries While Blackberry definitely requires more study to help fight cancer and prevent cardiovascular disease, research is far too exciting. We know there is enough evidence to support plant-rich diet for cancer prevention as well as many other benefits.

Health benefits of blackberries

1. Berries are beneficial for teeth

Berries are beneficial for teeth is also very beneficial for teeth. The leaves of the berries contain antibacterial properties that help keep the teeth healthy. The powder of the leaves of the berries is used to clean the teeth.

2. Jamun is beneficial for the Acne

When acne on the face is used, it is used to treat berries. Grind the seeds of Jamun and mix milk with it and make a batter and apply it on the face and wash the face with water after a while. This eliminates the fads very quickly and the skin is healthy too.

3. Berries remove weakness in the body

Berries juice is very beneficial in removing the body's weakness and reducing blood loss. It removes the weakness of the body.

4. Berries remove the mouth ulcers

Grind the leaves of Berries and dissolve in lightly hot water. Now filter it and make garrets, mouth ulcers will be healed very quickly. You can eat it, it also helps to recover the ulcers from eating it.

5. Berries are beneficial in jaundice

Berries consumption is also very beneficial in jaundice. When jaundice is found, taking the juice of fresh fruits of Jamun and mixing it with honey is beneficial.

Take away

There is a logic to call Blackberry a superfood. They are high in beneficial vitamins and minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. They are low in calories, carbs, and fat. Blackberry is also versatile and easy to add to your diet.

While Blackberry definitely requires more study to help fight cancer and prevent cardiovascular disease, research is far too exciting. We know there is enough evidence to support plant-rich diet for cancer prevention as well as many other benefits.

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