Saturday, 3 November 2018

Glamore shots


                                          Glamore shots

Glamore shots is a universal truth attraction is a human being nature where there show attraction where a human mind go through to do this thing but it is harmful or not it is a question of Religions Here are many examples which are attracted to glamor which call makeup of life and it is a wrong way of life living due to it creates side effects in a peaceful life and society health, as in today's modern society, advance in earning money from each other.

As long as man does not get anything according to his wishes and charm, man remains inclined to find him, which is a good thing, which is all that is good, which is a work of love, lust, and desire to take captivation Glamore shots on the means of luxury, to fight each other, to snatch away Which can be obtained by taking away the society from one another but getting supernatural love without any desire.

Glamore  shots

Glamore shots captivation is good but it makes more side effects in a society which is a thing of the price whole world It is more priceless, but not cheap, but enjoys unlimited happiness, but we believe in seeing the human race? The natural pleasures are unpleasant and untimely due to which we do not see. Today's society also does not want to think about this happiness. Today, many colorful lifestyles are being set up in society, which runs sometimes and then more good lifestyle is brought into the invention. Man is a puppet Leah is being seen and the subject is saying we are progressing but he does not realize that he is falling in a gap which ends in hell.

Author Asif.