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Religions of the world

                      Religions of The  World

religions of the world
                                    Religions of The  World

"Religions of the world is the doctrine, the universal truth common to all individuals at all times"

Religion is a key concept with multiple meanings in the religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam Christianity. In common parlance, dharma means "right way of living"  "Religions is the doctrine, the universal truth common to all individuals at all times"

                                               Religions of the world principals

Originally Answered: What is the dharma? Dharma is a path in which you are heading towards your destiny, and karma is the actions you perform while moving towards your destiny. Dharma is one's duty, karma is the actions performed to complete the duty. The soul of a human who lives in the body. The task of meditation can be successful only by walking on the path mentioned by God. The worldly pleasures, enjoyment, luxury etc. have not been able to do any less to this day. God has created our soul like this and has created such a nature which is attracted to enjoying happiness. This nature can only be invoked by the devotion of one thing (faith), faith or God. When this soul moves on the path described by God or God, then the longing to enjoy the transient pleasures of the world gradually ends and the soul attains purity only, then man attains liberation, this happiness, joy, and Paramanad It cannot be said in words, this can be seen which Surdas has said in this way The abrupt speed will not say anything. Just as dung, sweet fruit is juice only. Maya is the unseen water in the world. There are waves of greed. The work is a crocodile, the mind or the soul should have eternal happiness. If this body is endless, its happiness will be limited. I want (the soul) widespread pleasures like the sky then. The mind (the mind and spirit of the soul) should have unlimited happiness, which is possible only in the nature of the divine.

Happiness is received only by the objects of the world. The man who is hungry for a short or a short time is satisfied with the taste of it, but the soul has to use such power which is supernatural, the power that comes from the worship of God, to make the soul enjoy God Only after worshiping the true mind, the mind or the soul starts rejoicing and then does not want to taste any worldly greed, lust, or enjoyment.

Man gets pleasure from the soul's peace. When this joy becomes more and more intense, the mind is blessed with eternal bliss. This is how the path of liberation becomes possible and by attaining complete God in love, the soul becomes immortal. The human body is mortal; This mortal body is made of five elements: earth, fire, sky, water, air, God joins the body again in these five elements, but the soul, which is the precious gift given by God, is called by God to him. In this context, Sis said
Where can I find happiness in my mind?

Just like a ship with a flying vessel, come on the ship. Temporary pleasures of the world will get unrest and pleasure will be sweet until it becomes sweeter than any other taste, the world's enjoyment seems sweet because the taste of sitting in front of God is not yet tasted. For god, devotion is very essential. We have to make our souls equipped by devotion because this soul is the instrument. To express love or love to God or God


This will only be possible if we dedicate our daily life to the selfless service of God. Let's go on the path shown to him, there will be some rules on the flow of our life, towards our religion and spirituality. This is the rule. Religions of the world a principle of life, According to different disorders of human society at different times, according to the Vedas, Purana, Biblical and Koran, it is the commandment of God that the human beings will have to live in this mortal world. This rule is similar in every religion, it is unconstitutional. Apart from this, there are some rules that humans have made for their enjoyment. Which is conservative. By adopting them through their intellect, they adopt the pure religion, which is based on the same basic elements in the world. Is the symbol of unity. This religion will be the only human welfare and the soul will be saved

Human service is the greatest pleasure. This will bring peace to the mind and the soul will be satisfied then the soul will get the ultimate joy and the divine will be the convergence of God.



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